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About Me

a portrait image of Allison Villarreal

My name is Allison
I was born in the US, raised in Mexico. I graduated with a B.S in Architecture at the University of Texas in San Antonio.

My commitment to illustration started in 2020 in my small studio in isolation while the pandemic was happening (at least one good thing came out of it) It was my haven, and it allowed me to express my feelings, dreams and determination.

I am inspired by nostalgia. All my memories growing up have stayed with me for a long time and I think about them when I feel sad, anxious etc. They transport me back to good times, they are comforting. I want to be able to convey these emotions with my illustrations.

a drawing depicting being sick with COVID

I believe my generation, those of us who had to leave our childhood country before we were adults, especially in the Hispanic community, are the bridge between our past and our future. We are stuck not belonging to one specific place and that can make you feel lonely. I want to create a community of people whose memories are similar to mine and be able to connect.

a pastel colored illustration of a small courtyard house
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